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Bet on You.

Overcome any Challenge and Win Through Risk.

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Angie (Morgan) Witkowski, New York Times Best-Selling Author

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Every great result comes with risk.

But, we are hardwired to play it safe.

As leaders, it’s vital for us to possess an unshakable belief in ourselves.

As an organization, our future is determined by our employee’s ability to be greater than the challenges they face.  

This is all possible by learning how to WIN THROUGH RISK

Angie’s keynote speaking and executive coaching has been embraced by the world’s best businesses and organizations:

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Marine, Business Owner NY Times Best Selling Author

My career has been an evolution in learning how to take risks and build personal courage.

Today, I teach leaders and organizations to do the same. All through stories.  

It’s in these stories–the most vulnerable times in my life when I lost loved ones, failed, won, faced insurmountable challenges, and was asked to lead when it seemed I had nothing left to give–these are the stories where leaders and audience members see themselves.

In these shared experiences, a keynote or coaching session can rewrite a life, shift perspectives, and shape an entire industry.

Coaching and Speaking

Are you interested in leadership and life coaching? Do you want Angie to keynote at an upcoming event? Reach out for more information.

Angie Witkowski in studio with a quest.

Tune In

Each week Angie interviews ‘ordinary’ extraordinary individuals who are living their dreams. Learn from them how you can live yours, too. Available on YouTube, Apple, and Spotify

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Preview the book that might just change your life.

Download the free excerpt of my book, BET ON YOU

You’ve got dreams, visions, and goals that are ready for your attention and action. What stands between you and your potential is your willingness to bet on you.

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