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Shiny Penny

I was given this nickname because I’m a hopeless optimist. That’s not to say my life’s been easy. While I’ve had tremendous success, I’ve also had some pretty epic fails. 

Throughout every stage of life, I’ve fought hard for my happiness. I’ve bet on myself when the odds weren’t awesome. I’ve learned “healing” is a verb and I work hard to ensure my physical, mental, and emotional health are a priority.

I’m a competitor by nature. I like to win. When I was young, winning was a cross country race.  As an adult, winning is spending time alone with a cup of coffee … attending one of my son’s sporting events … sitting on my porch next to my husband. 

I wake up every day energized by the amazing gift we’ve been given. The fact that we’re here, together, on this earth and we get the opportunity to make our mark is powerful. It’s nothing to take for granted, which is why I love my work.

I have the best job in the world. I get to work with some of the most amazing men and women I’ve ever met and, together, we get to collaborate on how they can achieve their highest potential.  It’s a joy to watch these individuals achieve their aspirations. Fun fact: as much as I like to win, I get more energy and excitement by watching others cross their victory line.   

I’m here to share my story. I’m here to listen to your story. I’m hopeful that the more we connect and offer words of encouragement and support to one another, the better off this world will be.

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Angie is the NY Times best-selling author of the business books SPARK, Bet on You, and Leading from the Front. She’s been a coach inside the world’s best businesses and has shared a keynote stage with some of the most influential leaders of our time. Angie served as an officer in the Marine Corps, and holds a BA and MBA from the University of Michigan. She’s an avid athlete, mom to two boys, and with her husband, Ed, owns Morsels Coffee and Bakery in Traverse City, MI. 

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