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Woman standing facing the open water while standing on a beach at sunset

An Open Mind Opens Doors

Don’t let fight, flight, or freeze get the better of you. I’m a flighter. When I sense a conflict situation, I want to run away...
Woman doing workout ropes in a gym

Self-Candor, Discipline, and Discomfort

I’ve learned in life there are Three Levels of Commitment: Level One: You say you’re going to do something, but flake out and don’t follow...
Woman jumping with her hands in the air at the top of a mountain

What Are You Rallying Towards?

What are we rallying towards? My friend asked me this recently when I shared with her my blog title, “Rally Cry.” I gave her an...
Man standing on top of mountain with his hands in the air

Three Secrets to Peak Performance

I once heard Malcolm Gladwell express that if you’re an expert on 98% of the topic, that remaining 2% should make you insanely curious about...
Silhouette action sport outdoors of a group of kids having fun playing soccer football on green grass field

Use Your Voice

I embarrassed my youngest son recently by being “that mom.”  Let me set the stage: My son’s coaches called a parent meeting to introduce themselves,...
Angie leaning against a wall in her military uniform

Leadership Lessons from the Marine Corps

“We’re going to break it down, Barney Style.”  This was what our Marine Corps instructors would say when the School of Hard Knox was in...
Woman holding a book and sitting on her couch

10 Morning Habits I Live By

I get asked a lot: how do you do it?? Keep a rigorous schedule, train for athletic competitions, travel the globe, and appear so energized. I thought...
Woman with her eyes closed and looking upward outside with gratitude

What’s Getting Your Attention?

When I was young, I’d leap, jump, and cartwheel on my school’s playground balance beams. Well…not all of them. Just the ones that were laying on the...
Woman hugging herself and smiling up at thee sky

Discovering Your Self-Worth

Say this with me: “I’m a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.” This is a solid statement of self-worth. If your self-worth...