women writing in a notebook


Remembering 9.11

We All Have a 9.11 Story

How did this historic event change your life? It was just past midnight. Roma was driving 95 mph down the…

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Newtons Cradle ball moving as a reaction from hitting the others

Are Your Tendencies Holding You Back?

Sometimes our natural tendencies do not serve us well.

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got get 'em mug with paper and pen

It’s Time to Tell My Story. Isn’t It Time for You, Too?

I grew up painfully shy. When I was little, I used to hide behind my mom’s legs whenever an adult…

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Angie eating ice cream after a race with a thumbs up

1,000 Reasons to Cheer

Though it was 2021, I can remember this moment like it was yesterday. My mom and I were at a…

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monarch butterflys in cocoons

Let Me Reintroduce Myself

Transformation isn’t always visible, but it’s real. Here’s how to share your journey with others. You’ve changed. A lot. Especially amidst…

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