Gift Give to Yourself This Holiday Season


My youngest son likes to take the surprise out of gift giving. From now until Christmas Eve, every day I’ll get a text from him with a hyperlink to an item … most likely shoes. He’s pretty genius in his gift distribution system.  He has two sets of parents, four sets of grandparents, and makes … Read more

Give Grace to Others This Thanksgiving


I eavesdrop when I’m on airplanes. Not intentionally, I just can’t help but overhear things! One recent conversation captured my attention … It was a woman talking with her sister on a cell phone (pre-flight). They were planning this elaborate Thanksgiving meal and it sounded incredible. They must have gone on for 10 minutes discussing … Read more

3 Steps to Help Shape your Dreams and to Ignite Your Path for Success

Dream It. Own It. Take It. 3 Steps to Help Shape your Dreams and to Ignite Your Path for Success Survey Results are in – – and it isn’t what you think! Only 4% of us are living our wildest dreams. The other 96% of us?  Not so much. Our recent survey results reveal that … Read more

Personally Accountable to Your Problems

Sunrise over water for the Personally Accountable to Your Problems for Angie Witkowski Rally Dry Blog Article by Angie Witkowski

You’re dealing with a nagging unhappiness or restlessness in some area of your life and you’re afraid to talk about it. It’s like if you vocalize a problem in your personal or professional life, then you actually have to deal with it. Here’s the kicker: you’re already dealing with it. Just because you haven’t said … Read more

Five Reasons You’re Stuck … And What To Do About It

leaf trapped on iron fence for the Five Reasons You're Stuck... And What To Do About It Rally Cry Blog Article by Angie Witkowski

You’ve done everything right, haven’t you? Kept your head down to do the work. Not pushed back on demanding requests. Been a good teammate. Yet, still, your colleagues are surpassing you when it comes time for promotion. They’re getting the hgh-visibility, choice assignments that you want. You can’t help but wonder what you missed? When … Read more

Creating a Personal Vision

Blurry Woman in front of window. Creating a Personal Vision Blog Article Banner Image

“You must think I sound crazy! I’ve rambled for an hour!” Whenever someone says that to me at the end of a coaching call, my reply is: “Quite the contrary.  That’s you trying to get clear about the direction you want to take your life.  Getting clear sounds like uncertainty mixed with word vomit … at first.  … Read more

We All Have a 9.11 Story

City Skyline - We All Have a 9.11 Story

How did this historic event change your life? It was just past midnight. Roma was driving 95 mph down the highway headed straight to the Naval Hospital.  I was doing everything I could not to give birth in the front seat of her brand new Suburban. Randy Travis was on the radio singing “Take It … Read more

The Imposter Syndrome and Its Antidote

Trophy next to a Volley Ball Net - The Imposter Syndrome and Its Antidote

“Angie, when I get a sense of the Imposter Syndrome, I get motivated.  This drives me to prove that I’m exactly in the place I need to be.” When my friend shared this with me, I thought, “Huh, that’s new.  Because when I feel like I’m not enough, I retreat to my mental cave of … Read more