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Coca Cola brand logo on cap on blue background

Developing Your Personal Brand

No more “brand in a box” – be authentic!

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red roses in ice block

Is Your Career “Stuck?” Here’s What to Do About It.

Some people like puzzles. Others like games. For me, I love writing … there’s no greater joy than getting a…

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thought chalkboard

Teach People How To Treat You

“Can I make you more comfortable as you insult me?” So, I’ve never actually said that. Yet, my behavior in…

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opportunity knocks

How Many Opportunities Do You Lose by Not Being Prepared?

I used to live in Los Angeles and, due to good luck, would land invitations to fancy Hollywood movie premieres…

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woman soft power

Let’s Talk about Soft Power.

“You don’t look like a Marine.” If I had a dime for how many times I’ve heard that statement, I’d…

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turn jealous jealousy into admiration

Transform Workplace Jealousy into Admiration

I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve been jealous before.  The earliest memory I have is when I went…

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Angie Morgan Witkowski, a working mom, and her two sons at a cross country meet

Top 10 Working Mom Tips that Should Alleviate (Some) Guilt

I remember when my son, Judge, was in middle school. On one particular day, I felt guilty about all of…

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Your Role in Creating a Collective Win

In our binary win/lose world, how can you create a win-win? My oldest son, Judge, and I were talking the…

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Workplace Etiquette – Let’s Class it Up

We’ve been living in a pandemic environment for a while now. While I know that many of us joke around…

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Why Self-Awareness is Important in Leadership Development

My parents invested thousands of dollars in dance lessons for my sister and I growing up. When I try to…

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Angie Witkowski with husband and friend

Relationships and Selling Skills. On Steroids.

“Necklaces” “T-Shirts for Big Bellies!” “Cocaine!” My family and I heard these callouts recently when we strolled through an open-air…

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Why Doesn’t Pam Beesly Matter?

My kids and I’ve been binge watching The Office. The other day I had to stop an episode, look at…

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