Top Ten Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn

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About Angie Witkowski

Angie Witkowski is a top keynote speaker and sought-after executive coach who has been inside some of the world’s best businesses and has shared a keynote stage with some of the most influential leaders of our time. She is a credentialed leadership expert, MBA, NY Times Best Selling author, former Marine Corp Captain, athlete, CEO, and entrepreneur, who sparks leadership and motivates teams. Known as a relatable and gifted storyteller, Angie delivers impactful and engaging on-site or virtual workshops, business coaching and facilitations, on-demand classes, and private career coaching. She is a business influencer who hosts the popular Bet on You podcast, for business leaders and entrepreneurs. She is known for her thought leadership as a business influencer and is the author of business books “SPARK,” “Bet on You,” and “Leading from the Front.” Learn more at