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Differing Ambitions? Some Things Are Universal.

April 3, 2023

My well-intentioned mom told me to marry rich. She often hinted that many girls go to college to get their “MRS” degree and it wouldn’t hurt to study at the law library.  (Subtle, mom!)

For some reason, she believed personal ambitions were best achieved through someone else.   

Fortunately, my mom was highly supportive of me challenging, and ultimately discarding, some of her career and life advice.  

She cheered me on when I decided to be a Marine, start a business, and become the CEO of ME.  She celebrated key moments in my life when I’ve helped her redefine in her mind what women do … and she often marveled, “Where do you get this ambition from?”

Not Everyone’s the Same, but …

Here’s the thing: I think we’re all ambitious.  We all want a better life for ourselves. For my mom, clearly better meant more money, which I’ve since interpreted as financial security. While mine has centered on freedom.  For you, I don’t know … what’s your ambition?

Many of us shy away from the word “ambition,” like it’s a bad thing to aspire toward a better life.

I believe ambition is a great thing.  It wakes us up in the morning, stirs our soul, and gives us something to stretch toward.  Though, there are a few cases when ambition is bad.  Specifically, when your ambition can alienate those around you … and, for women specifically, when you run the risk of being called a b*tch.

How to be Ambitious without Being a B*tch

I’m leading a session on April 14th titled “Being Ambitious without Being a B*tch.”  It’s free and you can register by clicking here.  If you’re a guy, you’re welcome to join … male ambition can also be alienating, though men are called different derogatory names … .  ☺  

I thought I’d tease the session a bit by sharing that ambition is bad when …

  • You have to throw someone under the bus in order to achieve it.
  • You don’t bring others along on the journey.
  • You don’t create abundance in the process.

… And there will be a few more tips in the session, which I’ll present and discuss in greater detail.

My hope is that in this mini-workshop, we can all spend time reflecting on our ambition, embracing the “better” we envision for ourselves, and leave inspired to influence outcomes and inspire others in the process.

I can’t wait!

You’ve got dreams, visions, and goals that are ready for your attention and action. What stands between you and your potential is your willingness to bet on you.

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