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Take Charge of Your Career

It's time to Bet on You and take the reigns with your career--if not you, then who?

Kick off your work week with a 20 min explosion of inspiration on how to "Take Charge of Your Career!"

This 20-minute LinkedIn and YouTube Live on Mondays @ 9 AM EST will help you discover the formula for success that will super-charge your decision-making and help you take the reigns to transform your career!

Yes you can, you've got this!

Whether you're feeling stuck, unfulfilled, not being recognized, just got laid off, have a bad boss, toxic work environment, or experiencing family hardships like divorce, elder care, childcare, an unsupportive spouse, or other obstacles that keep coming your way, you can take charge of your career!

No matter what comes your way, you can Make It Happen! You can sidestep the pitfalls, leap over the obstacles, step up to the challenges, and drive your path to success. You can champion your career.

Look, it's not a spectator sport and you are not waiting on the sidelines for a coach to call you into the game. Wait no more! It's your life and your career, it's time for you to make your move and time for you to drive the action. 

The world holds many opportunities for success and fulfillment, waiting to be discovered and pursued.  You can achieve great things and go anywhere you want in life! The world is your oyster.

Take it from leadership expert, keynote speaker, executive coach, MBA, CEO, Entrepreneur, and New York Times best-selling author and Marine Corps Captain Angie Witkowski who can help you do an about face on a languishing or unsatisfying career, and help ignite leadership and success.

Even in the face of tough obstacles or seemingly impossible circumstances, Angie has your back. She knows exactly what you need to do to put you back in the driver's seat with street smarts that will get you across the finish line to win it all!

It’s time for you to Take Charge of Your Career!

Tune in every Monday at 9 AM on YouTube Live & LinkedIn Live!



eCourse Leadership + Learning with Angie Witkowski

Upcoming Sessions

Session 12
Group of professionals learning to build their personal brand

Building Your Professional Brand

April 5, 2024 | 12PM ET

You are the CEO of you.  As such, you have a brand.  Your brand is the words people choose to describe you when you’re not there.  While you can’t always control workplace chatter in regard to you, you can influence your brand through the right intention and actions.  In this Soft Power session, we’ll talk about developing your brand, expressing it, and amplifying it … all keys to your professional success.

Session 13

Demonstrating Executive Presence

May 3, 2024 | 12PM ET

“Owning a room” comes naturally to some people.  For the rest of us?  It takes a lot of work!!  In this Soft Power session, we’ll unpack how to have executive presence, which includes visual impact, interpersonal confidence, and strong communication skills.  You’ll conclude this session with a clear sense of the behaviors you need to build in order to have a commanding executive presence.

Session 14
A group of young professionals learning to build confidence

Four Strategies to Building Confidence

June 7, 2024 | 12PM ET

Confidence is your belief you can handle the challenge at hand.  Unfortunately, sometimes when we need our confidence (like in interviews or high-stakes negotiations), our confidence eludes us.  In this Soft Power event, you’ll learn four strategies to build confidence so when you wrap up this event, you’ll be on your way to being a more confident, capable leader.

Previous Sessions

Session 11
Person putting a quarter into a piggy bank with a stack of quarters sitting next to it.

Champagne Dreams, Beer Budget? Don’t Let Money Hold You Back from Pursuing Your Passion and Purpose

MARCH 1, 2024 | 12PM ET

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. While you know this, it’s hard to dream big as you balance your checkbook and feel grounded by reality and family responsibilities. In a recent survey, many shared money was the greatest barrier to pursuing their wildest dreams (22%), after not knowing what to do with your life (45%).

It might surprise you, but constraints, even financial constraints, can be a good thing when it comes to re-inventing your future.  Constraints can inspire creativity and allow you to avoid your binary thinking approach to problem solving (aka Option A or Option B) and expose you to the entire alphabet of solutions that can help you achieve your wildest dream.

In this 20-minute session, I’ll introduce you to creative problem-solving approaches that will inspire new ideas on how to achieve what’s on your heart and in your mind. Believe me: you can do this. I’m here to show you how.

Session 10
Woman contemplating life with a cup of tea - Learning How to Dream (Again), a soft power series session by Angie Witkowski

Learning How to Dream (Again)

FEBRUARY 2, 2024 | 12PM ET

Sick of walking through the motions of life? Has it been a while since you’ve been inspired?

This is your wakeup call - you might have forgotten your dreams, but your dreams haven’t forgotten you. They sound like whispers in your ear, attempting to tell you that you still matter, you’ve got a life to live, and the world is waiting for your awesomeness.

The Soft Power community is here to remind you to wake up!! We’ve got practical tools that help you learn how to dream again so you can take the necessary steps toward an inspired life.

Session 9
How to Find Your Passion and Purpose - Thoughtful mature woman sitting in cafeteria holding coffee mug while looking away. Middle aged woman drinking tea while thinking. Relaxing and thinking while drinking coffee.

How to Find Your Passion & Purpose

JANUARY 12, 2024 | 12PM ET

You were put on this earth to do incredible things. If you’ve lost sight of this notion, here’s your chance to pull it into focus.

It’s probably been a while since you’ve sat in child-like wonder, daydreaming about the life ahead of you. I’m here to share that you have many more adventures in your future … and in many ways, you’re just getting started.

Join me for this 20-minute experience where I show you where the trailhead is to your dreams. This could be the most important 20-minutes of your life, as you explore your life purpose and career passion. Start the journey! Get on the trail.

Every day you delay is another day between you and your best life.

Session 8
Field of yellow tulips with a single red tulip - Soft Power Session - How to Be in a World That Doesn't Look Like You with Angie Witkowski

How to Be in a World That Doesn't Look Like You

DECEMBER 8, 2023 | 12PM ET

I’m 5’3”. I’m never the loudest in the room. I’ve been told I don’t look “old enough” to be doing the work that I’m doing.

I used to resent my baby face until I learned how to use my size, presence, and stature to my advantage.

I’ve got a powerful list of do’s and don’ts for anyone like me who’s ever been underestimated.

Session 7
Couple Fighting - Soft Power Session - Wait ... Whose Job is More Important, Again? with Angie Witkowski

Wait ... Whose Job is More Important, Again?

OCTOBER 13, 2023 | 12PM ET

If you’ve got a partner, and you both have careers, then it’s inevitable: at key points in your relationship one person will earn more, have more responsibility, and have more demands of their time.

During these moments, it’s natural to feel that you need more support than your partner because you’ve got “x” – because of whatever “x” is.

This is when you need a teammate, not a critic who keeps score – I picked up the kids yesterday, it’s your turn today. I make more money, so you need to take the day off to wait for the electrician. I’m working late on a project, so you can make dinner.

Relationships are constant tradeoffs. To ensure the tradeoffs feel fair and allow you both to thrive, they have to feel balanced, respect-based, and ego-free. This session provides ideas on how to make your career success feel supported at home to ensure you curb resentment, the kiss of death in any relationship.