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Everyone’s Wall is Different

December 31, 2022

Shortly after the pandemic, I delivered a webinar to clients and shared best practices on how to lead through uncertainty. We asked our audience to share with us, privately, how they were feeling in the moment. The words they offered weren’t too dissimilar from the beginning of the pandemic – worried, lonely, isolated, exhausted, confused. It seems we’ve been carrying with us a host of unpleasant emotions for far too long.

This was further confirmed when I drove my youngest son to the Doctor’s office. He had COVID-like symptoms and his nerves were high that he’d be COVID positive and have to be quarantined. Then at one point in the conversation, he expressed, exasperated, “Can’t I just get COVID already and be done with it?” (He was negative for COVID – yay! Positive for Strep throat – Boo.)

I’d like to think that we’re at Mile 20 of this COVID marathon. We’re far too into it to go back … and we’re far too close to the finish line to quit. So if you’re going to hit your wall, and you probably will, that time is right around now.

Everyone’s wall is different.

It’s likely not physical, it’s mental. It’s normal, natural, and it’s a sign that you just need a break. Not a huge break, but rather a series of small breaks:

  • Firstly, be deliberate about not working through the weekend
  • Set your Outlook calendar for an appointment with yourself – do nothing for 15 minutes at regular intervals
  • Share your emotions with a trusted friend or colleague – sometimes just verbalizing how you feel gives you insight into what you need to do to take care of you
  • Make a point to connect with a few people who make you happy this week – inspiration and joy can be found in simple conversations
  • Finally, do one thing for you – just one small thing

Right now is the time to dig deep and discover how you can lead yourself through this next COVID phase. The stronger leader you are for you, the stronger you’ll be for others. I know you’ve got this, and I’m here with you. Feel free to share with me, too, one thing that you’re doing in this moment right now to help you be your best in this period – I’ll create a list and share on LinkedIn.   


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