How to Be More Positive

August 14, 2023

In an endless effort to juggle work/life responsibilities, I spent last week at Cedar Point.  For me, it was more like “relocation” than vacation – my laptop was open a lot!  For my son and his friend, it was like “Free Willy.”  I set them loose in the amusement park and I don’t think they’ll ever be the same.

My son and his friend complement each other well. My son is, well, when he was a toddler, we called him “strong willed.”  As a more mature young man, he’s still self-directed, but now better self-managed … and because of this, we’re all better now.

My son’s friend?  Gregarious and happy-go-lucky. Anytime my son mentioned a “good” idea, X-Man (as we call him) would say, “Yeahhhh, Buddy!” in a loud, booming voice … and then they would high-five each other.  

This “Yeahhh, Buddy” bit was startling at first, then charming, and now endearing.  In fact, whenever I think of this trip for the rest of my life, I’ll hear X-Man in the background saying “Yeahhhh, Buddy!”

We all need these people in our lives – the people who are all about celebrating the idea, having the fun, and giving out high-fives for the most mundane reasons.  I didn’t realize until this trip that I don’t have enough of these people in my life – the “Yeahhhh, Buddy’s” who celebrate silly things like mini corn dogs, free drink refills, and pull-out couches with new sheets.  The people who say things like, “That’s Savage, Mrs. ‘Ski,” when I ordered a medium-rare steak, and “Dude, we’ve only got six more hours at this park.  We’ve got to go … hard.”  

My question to you, too, is who’s your “Yeahhhh, Buddy?”  Who’s the friend who brings the fun, the energy?  Do them a favor – forward them this email and say, “It’s you.  You’re this person to me.  Thank you.”  (In the LinkedIn Article say “Share this article and tag them in it)

And then, turn inward.  How do you show up for others?  Being the “Yeahhhh, Buddy” might not be your natural, go-to energy style …it certainly isn’t mine.  But, man, experiencing it was so much fun that it’s worth being that type of person for others (in an authentic way, of course!).  

You don’t have to actually say, “Yeahhhh, Buddy” to be this person, but …

  • When people share good news with you, what’s your response??
  • When was the last time you celebrated the little things?  
  • When the energy is a little low in the room, how do you turn it up a notch??
  • If fun isn’t finding the group, can you lead the group to fun?  After all, we all love positive energy – even the “stick-in-the-mud” wants things to be lighter.  (They just don’t know how!)

There’s a time and a place for the “Yeahh, Buddy’s.”  Obviously, in a Board Meeting or when listening to a business leader share difficult news, spare the enthusiasm.

But, for everyday moments that could use a little pep? I think we all can make this commitment to push our positive energy … even the dork who brings a laptop to an amusement park. And when we do?  Well, when fun and celebration are placed in the right moment, everything just seems to get better, doesn’t it, and everyone starts to make the effort to bring the more enjoyable part of themselves to work.

Here’s to more fun in our lives! Yeahhh, Buddy! (High Five)

My best, Angie

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