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It’s Time to Tell My Story. Isn’t It Time for You, Too?

November 8, 2022

I grew up painfully shy.

When I was little, I used to hide behind my mom’s legs whenever an adult spoke to me. When it was time to attend preschool, she told me that I couldn’t go unless I started talking with people.

My mom found the right motivation.

I wanted to go on the bus. I wanted to eat lunch from a Scooby Doo lunch pail. I wanted to use scissors. I dug deep and forced myself to start looking people in the eye and use words, versus head nods or shakes, when answering questions.

Coming out of my shell required one courageous act followed by another. And while it’s hard to believe I’m now a keynote speaker, I’ll share that there are still aspects of speaking that scare me to death. And I’m finally ready to face them.

I’m not what you’d call a “vulnerable” person. When I share personal details about my life, I share more facts than feelings. When things start getting a little deep and personal, I use humor to redirect because I just don’t like to go there.

But I’m going there now.

My life’s circumstances have changed dramatically in the past few years, beginning with going through a divorce in 2018 and then marrying my college boyfriend, Ed, during Covid.  In that period, I also got a dog, downsized our home, and Ed and I purchased a coffee shop (Morsels) in downtown Traverse City.

Through these major life events, I spent a lot of time in my own head processing my life’s experiences and seeking some truth about me from them. (There was also some yoga, counseling, and long walks to aid the process.)

I’ve discovered that in the past, I’ve done an amazing job of tap dancing around the gritty parts of life. Yet, my growth has been inspired by looking at these areas, being curious about them, and wondering what it is I can learn from them. Doing so not only makes me a better leader – a stronger person of influence and inspiration – but also a better human.

What’s been interesting is that those around me have noticed a change … and they think I’ve changed.

While my context has changed, fundamentally I’m still me:

  • An entrepreneur
  • A runner
  • A Marine
  • A speaker and coach
  • A mom
  • A wife

The difference, though, is that I’ve discovered my voice and I’ve grown more confident using it. I’m more “me” than ever before.

This process has inspired me to start this journey – embracing my new name and sharing more stories and perspectives from my whole life (not just career).

My purpose is to help us all have the clarity, confidence, and courage to live the lives we were born to live. It’s to help us find ourselves, and our spirits, and honor our gifts through intention and action.  

I’m stepping out on my own to build a better relationship with you – I value the support and encouragement you’ve given to me so far in this journey called life. I’ve long felt it’s time to be more transparent and vulnerable, and to use what I’ve learned (to include hard truths) to inspire us all to be more open and connected with one another.

In other words, it’s time for me to tell my story.

I have to ask: isn’t it time for you to tell yours, too?

To help inspire and support you, here’s what I’m offering:

  • The Rally Cry weekly newsletter
  • The Bet on You Radio Podcast
  • My Weekly Blog
  • Invitations to FREE Special Events
  • Daily engagement on social media

Here’s my commitment:

  • To add value to your days
  • To offer my humility – I’m an imperfect human and embrace these imperfections
  • To share the stories of others whose examples can inspire us to share ours

I can’t wait for what the future holds! Thanks for being on this journey with me.


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