Lead Yourself and Others to Greater Success

Based on the NYT Bestseller SPARK

The leadership practices presented in this keynote empower individuals to be a SPARK- a doer, thinker, and initiative-taker who creates results- no matter what their job title is.

Attendees will leave equipped to inspire others, nurture their team’s success, and contribute to a better leadership culture within their organization.

This presentation is ideal for leaders at all levels who:

  • Need practical strategies for inspiring their disengaged or burned-out teams
  • Want to lead their team to success but aren’t sure what steps to take
  • Are struggling to build trust and engagement within their team and organization.

The audience will leave with:

  • Confidence in their ability to transform a group of individuals into a team and a recommitment to team building
  • An unforgettable reminder that leadership is a choice and they can choose not only to lead, but also to strengthen their leadership skills
  • A clear understanding of the value of accountability and engagement, and simple ways they can implement both to build trust