Take Meaningful Risks in Your Life

Based on the Bestseller Bet on You

Big dreams require big risks. Learn how to develop the Clarity, Confidence, and Courage needed to bet on yourself. Sharing her own emotional journey, Angie reveals life-tested practices for facing your fears, embracing risk-taking, and living the life you were meant to pursue.

  • Have unlived dreams they want to achieve and need to stop playing it “safe”
  • Don’t believe they have what it takes to pursue their meaningful vision for life
  • Are crushing it at work, but have neglected other areas of their life
  • Are busy … but don’t feel like their efforts are amounting to much
  • A renewed sense of self-trust that empowers them to move toward their dreams with greater confidence
  • Actionable insights into the Play it Safe Paradox and the 3 common myths of risk-taking
  • The motivation and tools to develop a Risk-Taker Mindset and begin building a more rewarding life