Let’s Start with “Try”​

January 6, 2023

“Do or Do Not. There is no try.” – Yoda

Hold off, Yoda. We’re actually in the season of trying right now. Every single one of us is making attempts at new ways of behaving. Some of these ways are working. Others? Not so much.

In fact, we’re observing distinct differences right now among the leaders we’re engaged with as they attempt to respond to this moment. They’re either trying to get back to normal or focusing on moving forward toward a better way. 

Leaders who are working to get back to normal are making plans to bring people back to offices with very few exceptions, only for those with legitimate health concerns. The leaders who are focused on moving forward are realizing many don’t need to return to the office full-time and are planning to test blended work weeks (time in the office, time working from anywhere) when it’s safe. Leaders who are working to get back to normal are holding off on professional development, for now, reassuring team members that when the pandemic is over, they can head back to conferences and have learning experiences. The leaders who are focused on moving forward are supporting their team members in making meaning of the now, and in sharpening their skills as they learn new ways together.  

Moving Forward

The leaders who are trying to work their way back to “normal” are moving in the wrong direction. Leaders who are moving forward are searching, stumbling, and ultimately discovering how they can make things better. Trying is challenging. Yet, our hope is you continue to try in ways that move you ahead in your journey.  

In the coming week, ask yourself what needs to change in your world. Spend time thinking about how you can use today to make your tomorrow better. That’s how progress happens.  


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You’ve got dreams, visions, and goals that are ready for your attention and action. What stands between you and your potential is your willingness to bet on you.

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