Risk-Taking Guidance

September 18, 2023

I’m putting myself out there in ways I’ve never imagined.

In the past year, I’ve

  • Launched the Bet on You podcast 
  • Created the Soft Power Series
  • Started a morning news segment
  • Initiated my Instagram and TikTok channels
  • Collaborated on a one-day event: Take the Lead

Why the frenzy?  After writing Bet on You, I evaluated my life and had to ask: where am I playing it safe?  What’s on my heart and in my mind that I haven’t even allowed to see the light of day? 

… And here you go!

This is a whole lot of new in my life, a whole ton of change.  How’s it going?  Honestly, humbling.  

Each day I’m astounded by the gaps in my knowledge and slightly embarrassed at the things I should’ve learned by now.  I’m also getting a lot of not-so-reaffirming feedback from my 12 year old regarding my online activity  – “Mom, you can be so cringy sometimes and the way you talk with your hands is so weird.”  (And then he imitates me.  Precious, aren’t they?)

This is why I’m grateful for one thing: My SQUAD.

My people.  I couldn’t do anything without the men and women in my life who say “Keep going.”  I’ve invited these individuals into my dreams and they’re saying “I’m in!”

These are the same people who, last week, helped launch the beginning of a powerful program I collaborated on with Flipping the Barrel’s geniuses, Jamie Diez and Massiel Elrod.  

The event was so successful – beyond my wildest dreams.  As I was scrolling through the evaluations and reading the wonderfull, generous comments online, I couldn’t help but pause for a moment and hold back tears.  It would’ve been a full-blown ugly cry had I not been at the airport.  None of this would’ve been possible without the people who I believe in believing in me.

I want to share this with you and it’s a message deep from my heart:

If you’re not surrounded by people who you believe in, 

and  believe in you, friends, re-SQUAD.  

You deserve to be surrounded by champions, supporters, and encouragers.  I know I do, too.  And when people invite us into their dreams?  Friends, we’ve got to show up for them.  And our job is to return the favor time and time again.

We get far on our own.  We get further together.  And when we’re taking risks, and stepping out there, it’s amazing to have a SQUAD behind you saying, “If you stumble, or lose your footing, we’ll catch you and continue to push you forward.”

This week ahead, I challenge you: Do one thing to strengthen a significant relationship in your life.  Just one small thing.  You never know what that one outreach can do and, likewise, be open to others around you.  We need each other.  Period.

My best, Angie

You’ve got dreams, visions, and goals that are ready for your attention and action. What stands between you and your potential is your willingness to bet on you.

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