Prevent Regret by Taking Risks

Man standing on a small ledge on the side of a mountain overlooking a mountain range

“I wish I would’ve…” No one wants to mutter this on their deathbed. That’s the type of statement that screams “regret.” Having regret isn’t bad, necessarily. Like, I regret not studying abroad in college. I regret not having learned how to surf when I lived in Hawaii. Now, my life is great despite not having these experiences, but … Read more

Changing Your Career

road sign in the desert saying there is a winding road ahead

Did you take a career aptitude test in high school? The one where you get a scantron sheet, a #2 pencil, and a series of questions asking you to list your preferences and interests? I remember this experience, as well as reviewing my results in my small high school classroom (think: Footloose). I felt like … Read more

Differing Ambitions? Some Things Are Universal.

battered necklace that says Ambition - Differing Ambitions? Some Things Are Universal.

My well-intentioned mom told me to marry rich. She often hinted that many girls go to college to get their “MRS” degree and it wouldn’t hurt to study at the law library.  (Subtle, mom!) For some reason, she believed personal ambitions were best achieved through someone else.    Fortunately, my mom was highly supportive of me … Read more