Leadership Lessons from the Marine Corps

Angie leaning against a wall in her military uniform

“We’re going to break it down, Barney Style.”  This was what our Marine Corps instructors would say when the School of Hard Knox was in session. And, like the adorable purple dinosaur teaching toddlers step-by-step lessons, our instructors would painstakingly review easy-to-implement guidance on a range of skills, like: Yes, that last one!! Leadership can seem … Read more

Your Role in Creating a Collective Win

business professionals with hands in a huddle like a sports team - Your Role in Creating a Collective Win

In our binary win/lose world, how can you create a win-win? My oldest son, Judge, and I were talking the other day about how everything in our society feels so divisive – sports competitions inevitably produce winners and losers, the election where you’re either blue or red, pro or anti-TikTok, and so on.  We discussed … Read more

How to Deliver Awesome Feedback

How to Deliver Awesome Feedback

I updated my headshot a while back. Or, at least I thought I did. I showed it to my then-business partner, Courtney Lynch, who saw it and delivered some honest feedback, “Dude, what’s up with your shirt? It looks like something you’d wear to a bake sale … not for delivering professional services. Don’t go … Read more