The World is Waking Up

January 7, 2023

I can guarantee that I don’t look anything like the image in my profile picture when I wake up in the morning.

My hair is balled up in knots. I might have leftover mascara underneath my eyes. And all the imperfections I diligently try to hide on my face are on display for only the most important people in my life to see. 

Then, I have a cup of coffee. Then, I go for a run. Then, I take a shower. And then, and only then, am I ready to face the world, which could either mean “camera on,” ready for work, or onsite with a client.

I’ve been saying a lot lately that the world is waking up. And, like me, the whole world isn’t quite ready to greet the day before sunrise.

We shouldn’t expect it to be.

We all, collectively, took a really, really long rest – and, like some rests, this one wasn’t entirely relaxing. Some of us might still be sleep deprived from all the tossing and turning. Some of us might, in fact, need to hit the snooze button and give it another nine minutes.

As we all wake up and prepare to face this new world, my guidance is to, first, know where you’re at and what you need to feel refreshed and renewed:

  • Is it coffee? Tylenol?
  • Is it a donut and a smoke? (Metaphorically, of course.)
  • Do you need to sit somewhere quietly and breathe?
  • Or, are you ready to put your shoes on and step outside?

Next, think of the people around you – what are their needs and how can you support them?

  • Do you need to back off and give them time to wake up?
  • Can you make them breakfast – even if it’s a bagel?
  •  Are they those obnoxious morning people ready to jump right in?

As leaders, we must manage ourselves. We also must serve others. That’s how it’s supposed to happen. During this period of “refresh,” let’s all focus on how we can make our new morning as peaceful as possible … I promise productivity and all the other good stuff (lunch, happy hours) will follow. 


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