Bet on You

From NYT bestselling author Angie Witkowski

Bet on You

Bet On You:

How to Win with Risk

Build the Risk-Taking Skills that Will Lead You to a Life of Fulfillment.

“Better safe than sorry. That advice rings in our ears and holds us back well into adulthood. Bet on You: How to Win with Risk provides clear and proven steps for overcoming risk and achieving your dreams.”

- Jeff DeGraff, Professor, Co-author of The Creative Mindset.

In Bet on You, Angie (Morgan) Witkowski and Courtney Lynch reveal hard-earned, real-world insights that empower you to counter your safety bias and take the risks that will propel you from where you are to where you want to be.

Sharing the same guidance embraced by Google, Boston Scientific, FedEx, and more, this book:

  • Offers a new perspective on how risk really works and clears up common misconceptions about it
  • Empowers you to immediately start practicing new habits that build your risk-taking muscle.
  • Shows you how to weave a safety net to mitigate the downside of risks.
  • Offers effective strategies for managing the risk-killing emotions of fear and failure.