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Take the Lead Houston
Take the Lead | Houston, TX
Fri June 14, 2024 | 8:30 - 4
Take the Lead Midland - Almost Sold out!
Take the Lead | Midland, TX
Fri June 21, 2024 | 8:30  - 4
Take the Lead Detroit
Take the Lead | Detroit, MI
Thurs Oct 9th, 2024 | 8:30 – 4
Take the Lead, Chicago, IL
Take the Lead | Chicago, IL
To Be Announced Soon!
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Take the Lead Elevates Women Leaders

Take the Lead is a premier women's leadership conference hosted by leadership expert, Marine Corps Captain, and NY Times Best Seller Angie Witkowski with the aim to empower women to reach new heights in leadership.

This on-site conference designed to help women build the clarity, confidence, and courage to Take the Lead and to encourage women to embrace their authentic leadership styles. It’s all about learning how to Bet on You, and learning that risk is not the opposite of reward, but the path to reward. The goal is to spark career ambitions and life purpose, all while bringing what is uniquely YOU to the table!

Join us on our mission to be unapologetically ambitious!

Limited to about 100 women, Take the Lead offers a unique and intimate setting to foster personal connections and meaningful relationships with fellow leaders.

Extraordinary guest speakers and luminaries are invited to speak to help inspire and motivate.

Currently held 4 times a year in major US cities with "open enrollment," you can Request a City here or book the Take the Lead Roadshow, a private and customized event at your company locations by contacting us here.


Sneak Peek of Take the Lead

Angie Witkowski, Keynote Speaker

Angie Witkowski Always an Optimist

Take the Lead
Mission Statement

The goal of Take the Lead is to empower women to reach new heights in leadership.

Women face unique challenges on their paths to success.  Rather than focus on the problems, Take the Lead is designed to be a part of the solution.

This unique, full-day event is designed to give women the clarity, confidence and courage to fulfill their dreams and ambitions.  Plus, when women attend Take the Lead, they create new bonds with like-minded leaders who are ready to serve and support one another.

Leadership development has never been this entertaining, engaging, and rewarding!!


Currently held 4 times a year in the following cities:

Take the Lead - Detroit, MI on Thurs , Oct 9 

Take the Lead - Houston, TX on Fri, June 14th

Take the Lead - Midland, TX on Fri, June 21st

Take the Lead - Chicago - coming soon

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