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What does it take to pursue your wildest dreams?

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How do you find the courage to make a 180° change in your life?

Join host Angie Witkowski each week as she delves into these questions and more with the “ordinary” extraordinary, real-life people who are accomplishing amazing things. Every episode features an inspiring story that shares tools and strategies you can use for your own journey to amazing.

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Episode 56
Bet on You Podcast with Guest Jeanette Cajide

Finding Joy in Whatever Stage of Life You’re In

Guest Jeannette Cajide

NOVEMBER 16, 2023

Stop looking outward to make yourself happy.  Tune inward and discover the secrets to joy, fulfillment, and your purpose.  Jeannette Cajide reminds us that whatever we enjoyed doing as kids would probably bring us similar satisfaction today.  Hear these bits of wisdom (among many) and be inspired by a real-world leader’s practical wisdom and guidance designed to help us reach our potential.

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Episode 57
Bet on You Podcast with Guest Anne Bonney

Making Changes in Your Life

Guest Anne Bonney

NOVEMBER 30, 2023

When was the last time you danced in the discomfort zone?  Believe it or not, that’s where growth happens.  When we’re uncomfortable, yes - there’s a risk we’ll likely screw up.  Yet, we’ll figure it out and get back on the right road in pursuit of our dreams. Hear from motivational speaker Anne Bonney … she’ll share with you the Three P’s of personal change.

Episode 58
Bet on You Podcast with Guest Vernice Flygirl Armour

Making Changes in Your Life

Guest Vernice 'FlyGirl' Armour

DECEMBER 7, 2023

It’s always a great day when I get to connect with a fellow Marine Corps Officer. Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour is a trailblazer: first black woman combat pilot. She’s also an endless source of wisdom and inspiration. "V," as her friends call her, helps us get gutsy – the key to overcoming obstacles in our lives that prevent us from pursuing our dreams. If something stands between you and your goal, tune into this episode! You’ll learn how to become unstoppable.