Let Me Reintroduce Myself


Transformation isn’t always visible, but it’s real. Here’s how to share your journey with others.

You’ve changed. A lot. Especially amidst the pandemic. Change builds resilience, which leads to an increased capacity to do more, think differently, and contribute in ways you’ve never been able to before.

The problem with all this change, though, is that key people – like your colleagues, family, and friends – don’t understand or appreciate the change you’ve gone through. 

They see you still as how you were … then. Not how you are today: transformed, redefined, and more ready for capable than before.

The problem is that your relationships are still anchored by the “old” you:

  • The one who wasn’t ready for the promotion, but now is
  • The one who had no boundaries, but now does
  • The one who’s stopped self-doubting and now bets on herself

The challenge you face is a tough one: re-establishing your reputation among people who’ve got a pretty firm and formed opinion of you.

So, what are you to do?

  • First, be patient. Change takes time to be recognized by others. It’s like going to the gym – you’ll see the results in 30 days, your close friends and family will see them in 60, and everyone else will see them after 90 days.
  • Don’t just tell … show. If you’re ready for increased responsibility, a healthier relationship, or even a promotion, let it be shown through your behavior. Don’t just tell people you’ve changedDo things differently and let your unique, refreshed approach speak for itself. 
  • Re-establish your relationships. Take time to invest in the relationship so you’re seen, and you see others, more holistically and respectfully. This awareness can often be enough to recognize the increased capacity others see in you, and you see in those around you.   
  • Finally, advocate. You’re your best advocate. If you’re still not feeling seen or heard, let the other person know. 

My hope for you is that during this period of life, you also take a chance to reflect specifically on how you’ve grown, and you find a quiet moment to self-congratulate. You’ve been through a lot! Be proud of your journey – as imperfect as it’s likely been, you’ve undoubtedly learned a tremendous amount about yourself along the way.  

I’m with you,


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