Personally Accountable to Your Problems

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You’re dealing with a nagging unhappiness or restlessness in some area of your life and you’re afraid to talk about it. It’s like if you vocalize a problem in your personal or professional life, then you actually have to deal with it.

Here’s the kicker: you’re already dealing with it. Just because you haven’t said it outloud doesn’t mean it’s not impacting you. Our denial has a way of revealing itself:

Night after night of poor sleep
Thinking that everyone’s out to get you
Stress eating and drama drinking

To further paint the picture, whenever I grind my teeth, see the world through gray-colored glasses, or feel like I need a glass of wine at the end of the day, I know I’ve got problems.

It’s easy to succumb to denial and keep plowing forward like you’re fine and you can deal with it. But, there’s another way.

It’s called talking out loud. Seriously. Talking out loud.

Starting with yourself. Yes, you need to be brutally honest with yourself before you invite others into your challenges*. And you have to do this outloud because when we give our thoughts words, we become clear. That doesn’t mean it isn’t frightening.

Being able to say:

I’m in a toxic relationship with (insert family member, friend, or boss) and it’s damaging to my well being
I’m putting everyone else’s needs ahead of mine and I know I’m being taken advantage of
I’m not able to deliver the results my organization needs me to and my career is in jeopardy

And when you make these statements, you have to be radically accountable. This is your problem and, guess what? You’re the solution.

My blog is called Rally Cry for one important reason – this is your weekly burst of bright light to deal with whatever obstacle stands between you and your potential. Believe it or not, greatness is one decision away. Greatness starts by putting on your shoes right this minute, heading out the front door of whatever place you find yourself in, and going for a stroll … by yourself … and naming and claiming your problem(s).

Once you’ve unburdened yourself, you now have a choice – a decision on how to go forward.

Getting to a choice isn’t work for the faint of heart. The same with choosing on how to go forward. Yet, clarity is the first, most important element in transformational change.

You’re not alone, though. I’m here with you – each Monday on the Rally Cry and every day on social media. You’ve got this.

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*I’d be remiss if I didn’t share that a good counselor or therapist can help you with this, too, if you’re having a hard time getting clear with what’s nagging at you. I’ve learned, though, that most of the time we know what’s wrong … and a little bit of personal courage can help us start to see the light.

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