What Can Our Fears Teach Us?

Stop sign in the dark - What Can Our Fears Teach Us?

My fears cross my mind dozens of times each day:

“Will these jeans ever fit again?”

“What if that video you created makes you look like an idiot?” 

“I gave my son the right guidance, didn’t I?”

My fears remind me of my flaws, shortcomings, and areas of my life where I’m incredibly vulnerable. I have to constantly remind my fear who’s in charge: me, not them.

You see, my fears are constantly staging a coup. They hate my dreams. They’d like me to spend my weekends on the couch, ice cream cone in one hand … glass of wine in the other. Then, if I were to wake up feeling bloated and hungover, they’d try to convince me that this is the life I should be living and I should accept it. 

“You’re good enough,” they’d tell me. But “good enough” isn’t good enough for me.

I firmly believe we all have ambition, which exists beyond our comfort zone. I firmly believe that we’re all designed to face our fears, conquer them, and grow and stretch beyond them. That deep, deep down inside of us, if we can master our fears, we can master anything. 

Now, here’s the deal: I said conquer our fears, not obliterate. No one lives without fear…okay, maybe sociopaths do. For everyone else, fear is ever-present in our lives. We need to acknowledge our fears, learn from them, and respect them for what they’re trying to tell us.

Sometimes our fears have important messages to deliver:

  • Maybe, Angie, those jeans will never fit again … and that’s okay. How are you feeling, though? Happy, healthy? Committed to your wellbeing? If all is true, keep doing you…
  • Maybe, Angie, you did sound a little scattered in that video you just posted – maybe you should record when you’re a little more focused…and don’t forget the re-record option?
  • Angie, that was some tough guidance – but you’re the only one who can deliver it.

Our fears are a sign that we’re stepping outside of our comfort zone…and there are times, too, when we’re stepping into the danger zone. Maybe there is a snake behind that rock, or maybe we shouldn’t confront this issue at this time. Our fears can be a barometer, which can remind us to respect the experience we’re about to enter. 

Our fears shouldn’t paralyze us, though…even though they want to. In times that they try, remind yourself to give more power to your dreams than your fears. Your dreams have got your best interest in mind.

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