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How to Deal with Conflicting Opinions

“Do you want to know what my husband’s and my biggest fight was?” My friend asked me this the other…

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Risk-Taking Guidance

Taking risks can be easier when we have people in our lives that support and encourage us – our SQUAD.

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Remembering 9.11

We All Have a 9.11 Story

How did this historic event change your life? It was just past midnight. Roma was driving 95 mph down the…

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Embrace Your Back to School Obligations

My husband, Ed, and I made some assumptions when we purchased Morsels Cafe and Bakery two years ago – one…

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Sending Your Child Off to College

There are qualities we can lean into to help adjust to major changes in our life.

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How to Be More Positive

In an endless effort to juggle work/life responsibilities, I spent last week at Cedar Point.  For me, it was more…

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Building Your Executive Presence

I once sat in a Board Meeting where the Directors were chatting with each other about their businesses, portfolios, and…

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Being Held Accountable

We all want accountability. But what does that look like? No excuses, which can be tough. Everyone has an excuse…

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Addressing Burn Out Head On

Are you feeling drained? Like if you hear your boss announce another “new, exciting” initiative you’ll literally scream “Enough with…

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The Unintended Consequences of Self Neglect

Stop what you’re doing. I want you to take a good, hard look at yourself: –   Where are you?…

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Build Your Confidence One Moment at a Time

Building confidence is a never-ending pursuit. In SPARK, my co-authors and I highlighted four key strategies to building unshakeable confidence,…

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Please Don’t Thank Me – Connect with My Grief.

When anyone thanks me for their service, I’ve got to admit that I get a little uncomfortable. After all, I…

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