10 Morning Habits I Live By

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I get asked a lot: how do you do it?? Keep a rigorous schedule, train for athletic competitions, travel the globe, and appear so energized. I thought I’d share my secrets.  

A great morning begins after a great night’s sleep. So, technically, my morning habits begin at 7:00 pm the night prior. I’ve typically eaten by then, I don’t really watch tv, and I’m off my devices. At this time I’m either reading, going for a walk outside, or catching a football with my 13 year old. I’m typically in bed by 8:30 pm.

Right before bed, I do a few things:

  • Journal about how I’m feeling. I find this allows me to check in with my mental and emotional health.
  • Write in my gratitude journal, which allows me to reflect on the day and remind myself of all of life’s goodness.
  • Slip on my charged Oura Ring so I can track how my habits are contributing to my sleep health.*
  • When I close my eyes, I say to myself positive, affirming “I am” statements. I like to think I’m planting a flower garden in my subconscious mind.

*Fun fact: I’ve discovered that my “alcohol, caffeine-free challenge” has had zero impact on my sleep quality. I’m a little surprised by this!

Okay, so let’s get to that morning.

  1. Wake up at 5:00. Thank you, Marine Corps, for this habit. I love waking up before everyone else in my family!! It’s my time. It’s when I feel I gain my edge because I get to invest in me.
  2. Review my manifestation journal. Call me crazy, but I totally buy into the idea that setting your mind on a goal draws that achievement to you. I’ve started using this philosophy.
  3. Read the news. My job is to be informed and offer value to my clients. I can’t do this without staying abreast of what’s going on in the world. I read: CNN, FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, and The Atlantic.
  4. Respond to emails. I keep a tight schedule during the day and don’t always get the chance to write thoughtful replies. I can do this in the morning, though.  
  5. Exercise. Training for an Ironman requires a serious commitment to fitness. During the week, I get about 90-120 minutes of exercise before 9:00 am. I do this after I get my youngest son on the bus.
  6. Eat a high-protein breakfast. A total must. Women, especially, don’t get enough protein. Eggs, protein shakes, and Equii bread.
  7. Drink green juice. This is a staple for me – it makes sure I’m getting my greens in each day in one delicious bottle. I used to buy these from a nearby juice bar, but have discovered I like making them for myself. Plus, much more economical.
  8. Set an intention for the day. When I sit down at the desk, I make a conscious choice to choose my mindset. E.g. “Today I’m here to serve my clients and put forth the best energy when I’m in my coaching calls.” 
  9. Start the workday by tackling the worst first. My morning is when I do the hard stuff, which is typically the “stuff” that requires full focus, like creating agendas for client offsites, or working on consulting projects. I like to give content creation and high-stakes projects my “best brain.”
  10. Breathe in between calls. Each hour is something different. I try to keep all my calls to 45-minutes (not the full 60), though, so I have space in between calls to summarize/follow up/wrap up, and take 1-2 minutes to breathe. I close my eyes, breathe in/breathe out, and clear my mind for the next call. I find this is helpful for presence.

So, there you have it! This is my routine, one that I’m pretty strict with, even on the weekends…the only thing that changes is “the worst first” is laundry or grocery shopping. Now that I’m older, sleeping in just doesn’t happen.  

A few more things that I find helpful:

  • I listen to audiobooks when I ride my bike, or commute to meetings in my car. This allows me to stay on top of new books that my clients reference, or the books my podcast guests have written.
  • I keep a very, very tight schedule. I’m pretty judicious about what I say “yes” or “no” to, and if I can end a meeting early, I will – I love giving back time to others, and gaining time.
  • I do work on weekends, but I don’t consider what I do work. I love the people I support and it’s an honor and privilege to be in a creative space where I can serve others.
  • I write on the weekends. I find that’s when I’m most free, mentally speaking.

Okay – your turn: what are your success habits?

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