Prevent Regret by Taking Risks

Man standing on a small ledge on the side of a mountain overlooking a mountain range

“I wish I would’ve…” No one wants to mutter this on their deathbed. That’s the type of statement that screams “regret.” Having regret isn’t bad, necessarily. Like, I regret not studying abroad in college. I regret not having learned how to surf when I lived in Hawaii. Now, my life is great despite not having these experiences, but … Read more

How to Be a President

Angie Witkowski speaking at an event on stage

I spent a few moments reflecting on what it’d be like to be the President of the United States and being, arguably, the most powerful person in the world. It wasn’t intoxicating, I promise you. I was in awe of the responsibility. I thought about… –   The intelligent people I’d want surrounding me to shore up … Read more

The Teacher is the Student

Two empty glasses of wine sitting on a coffee table next to an unopened bottle of wine

One of the “glories” of being a mom to two teenagers is that they’re quick to point out my inconsistencies. It’s like I’ve got the hypocrite police on my back all the time. The value of this is that I’m always asking myself – am I modeling the behaviors I expect them to demonstrate? Or, am … Read more

Reinvent Your Life

Woman doing crunches on a mat at the gym

Do you feel stuck? In these situations, it’s easy to blame externalities: Do you know what’s hard? Sitting quiet with your thoughts and admitting you’re the one who created the situation…and you’re the only one who can lead yourself out of it. Absolute accountability is painful. It’s the only way to a better place. Accountability is … Read more

The Process of Gaining Clarity in Life

Woman walking through the woods

“If you’re going to do nothing, do it on purpose.” My friend, Allen Meacham, shared this idea with me. It was so meaningful I included this idea in my book, SPARK. In our busy lives, it’s hard to imagine that doing nothing can have its benefits. For my ultra-busy coaching clients, I know the idea of … Read more

How to Have Fun in Your Life

Person doing a cartwheel on the the beach

My friend Shannon and I grabbed a glass of wine recently at a local vineyard. We don’t do this enough. She’s a former CIA Officer; her life’s story is an inspirational tale of resiliency, self-compassion, and personal growth. (She was my first Bet on You Podcast guest, by the way. Listen in by clicking here.) I love talking with … Read more

Build Your Confidence One Moment at a Time

Woman feeling the sea air at the beach at sunset - Build Your Confidence One Moment at a Time

Building confidence is a never-ending pursuit. In SPARK, my co-authors and I highlighted four key strategies to building unshakeable confidence, which included this concept of “developing positive self-appraisals.” In other words, self-talk. The words we tell ourselves have a significant influence over how we perform in the experience we’re about to enter. If we say, … Read more

Please Don’t Thank Me – Connect with My Grief.

Hand in the shape of heart with American flag in the center. Please Don’t Thank Me – Connect with My Grief.

When anyone thanks me for their service, I’ve got to admit that I get a little uncomfortable. After all, I served during peacetime. I was in my early 20’s, stationed primarily in Hawaii, and drove a Jeep Wrangler – I was living my best life. I actually should be thanking you, tax payers, for my … Read more

Transform Workplace Jealousy into Admiration

Pretty moth on a twig - Transform Workplace Jealousy into Admiration

I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve been jealous before.  The earliest memory I have is when I went to summer camp in elementary school with a friend, Mindy. Mindy was the life of the party – all the camp counselors gave her attention. Fellow campers wanted to sit next to her during campfires. … Read more