5 Ways to Honor Women’s History Month

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We celebrate Women’s History Month by acknowledging the significant accomplishments women have made throughout time. But if you know me, acknowledging is not enough – it’s a head nod, a thumbs up. It’s a “You go, girl.” In other words, it’s a passive activity. It doesn’t build on a legacy.

You’re a part of the legacy. I believe in action. I’m the person who says, “leadership is a verb.”

So, my Rally Cry for March is “Let’s do something.” If you’re strapped for ideas, consider my 5 Ways to Honor Women’s History Month – and many of these are gender-friendly ideas, guys: join the celebration:

  1. Create a Women’s History Month Playlist and Share It!! Select your favorite empowerment songs and pass them along. Tell your friends what these songs mean to you and share your inspiration. (What’s your song? Email me and I’ll add it to my playlist.)
  2. Buy Your Friends Your Favorite Woman-Authored Book. Read it together for the month of March and end the month with cocktails/coffee or a luncheon. (I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention “Leading from the Front” – it’s the OG book, a McGraw Hill Business Classic”)
  3. Add a Leadership Quote from a Female Leader to Your Email Signature. Easy enough, right? Here’s one to get you going: Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway. -Eleanor Roosevelt
  4. Clean Out Your Closet and Donate Your “Fancy” Clothes to a Women’s Resource Center. There are so many great organizations, like Dress for Success, that will take your suits, dresses, and purses, and pass them along to women in need of professional business attire.
  5. Pick a Women-Focused Charity and Do a Social Media Fundraiser. Any bit can help. Or, find a giving circle, like the one Bet on You guest, Wendy Steele, has pioneered – Impact100 Global.

These are just my ideas. Want a bonus one? Give your friends the gift of the Soft Power Series – our next event is coming up: Building Your Professional Brand on April 5. Here’s the registration link. This session is going to be chock full of actionable ideas that you and your colleagues will want to implement immediately.

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