Are You Winning 2022 Yet?

Are You Winning 2022 Yet?

I love to win; yet, what I call a “W” can seem insignificant to other people:

  • Turning on the radio and landing on an old, favorite song
  • Making a meal that delights every single person in my family
  • Getting up without hitting my snooze button
  • Laughing out loud at a friend’s joke

When moments like these come around, I say to myself,

“Remember this moment. You’ll need it later.” 

Then at night I turn to my gratitude journal and write about my win, giving me a chance to smile at least twice from the experience in one day.

I think about winning differently than how our society defines it. As an example, remember when corporate posters with words like VICTORY, TEAMWORK, and SUCCESS accompanied by images of teams paddling through rapids, and lions and eagles, were a thing? Winning in these images was presented as big, epic, fleeting moments, almost unattainable to anyone on an average day.   

While you can argue that’s winning, who wants to win only once in a while when, in reality, we can win every day?

I hope as you round out the year, you take the time to find opportunities to be intentional about claiming your small victories. These W’s are personally important and can be things that delight you, make you smile, and give you something to be grateful about … even if it’s just a warm cup of coffee in the morning or a perfectly toasted bagel. 

Then, bookmark it, mentally speaking. Savor it at the moment and keep it in your mind so you can enjoy it throughout the day.

Can you imagine the cumulative effect of 365 days of winning? 

The internal chemicals connected to winning have a powerful influence on your overall happiness and the opportunity to experience joy.  

Beginning today, I dare you: take the winning challenge. 

It’s small, it’s easy, it’s not a fad diet, and no gym membership is required. All that’s required is for you to pay attention to your world and appreciate all that’s around you.


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