Gift Give to Yourself This Holiday Season


My youngest son likes to take the surprise out of gift giving. From now until Christmas Eve, every day I’ll get a text from him with a hyperlink to an item … most likely shoes.

He’s pretty genius in his gift distribution system.  He has two sets of parents, four sets of grandparents, and makes sure he’s organized in communicating his wants and desires to each unique audience during the holiday season. He knows our budgets and just the right words to use to massage the situation in order to get what he wants. 

I could be annoyed by this … and, sure, some days it’s a little too much.  But there’s something overwhelmingly endearing about this, too.  This is just who he is: he’s looking out for #1.

I’m always looking out for him, too.  And, what that means is there are times when I’m #2 … or #3 … or #4 … on my priority list.  It you’re reading this and thinking, “Man, I’m #7 on my priority list,” I hate to break it to you – there aren’t even table scraps left for you if you’re that far down on the list.

Does this sound familiar, though?  That as your circle of love and influence expands, your wants, desires, and needs are constantly getting pushed further down the priority list?  Maybe to the point of self neglect?

I’ve got a question: What would happen if you were #1?  

Feels a little selfish, doesn’t it?  Completely foreign.  You probably wouldn’t know what to do if you were to put yourself first.  

As you move through your holiday season, I have a radical idea: gift give to yourself, first.  

By that I mean don’t blow your holiday budget on luxury items for yourself.  Give yourself the gift of investing in you:

  • Think about the boundaries that are important to you in life … and then put them up like you’re defending The One Ring forged by the Dark Lord Sodor. Learn how to teach people how to treat you.
  • Take the time to reflect upon your values and how you can make them more active in your life.
  • Develop your vision for 2024 and dial into what type of goals you have for yourself in the New Year.
  • Make a commitment to build your friendships – we need people.  Having strong relationships leads to a happier, more fulfilled life.
  • Focus on your mental and emotional health, to include practicing your gratitude.

Don’t forget, you’re sitting on the runway right now to 2024.  Are you joining me in The Year of Transformation?  If so, you’re in the process of preparing yourself for positive, transformative change in one area of your life.  We need to get ready and it all begins with making the commitment to be the main character in our lives. Sign up here to receive communications on the special activities and events we have planned all throughout 2024.

What I’m Doing to Prepare for Change

You know me – I’m a goal junkie.  I’m on this transformation journey, too.  Here are three goals I’m focused on right now:

  • Eating Less Processed Food.  I listened to this episode of the Mel Robbins podcast regarding the impact processed food has on our minds and it scared me to death.  It also made me wonder: How can I be my best when I’m ingesting food designed to bring me down?  As I shared last week, I bought a juicer and I’m horrifying my family with fresh, drinkable vegetables.  
  • Building Strength.  I mentioned last year I wanted to race a full Ironman.  When I started my training, I realized that I didn’t have the strength to take on that challenge.  I’m now lifting weights and will resume tri training in 2024.  The goal still exists … the path to achievement just looks different.
  • Reading More Fiction.  I read all the time, but I’ve gotten away from reading books that disconnect me from reality.  I’m going to add some more fiction into my life (sorry, self-help and non-fiction genre … I still love you.)  PLEASE – recommend your favorite fiction book to me.  I’ll publish a list later this week on LinkedIn!!  Email me at! 
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