Let’s Talk about Soft Power.

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“You don’t look like a Marine.”

If I had a dime for how many times I’ve heard that statement, I’d probably have a personal chef and own a coin-operated car wash. (My dreams aren’t fancy. The car wash is really about passive income.)

Anyway …

When I was an active-duty Marine, that comment made me feel a little self-conscious – like I didn’t belong. Now, with the wisdom that comes with age, I take pride in not looking the part and feel comfortable and confident in my own skin. I’m fortunate that I’ve had great mentors, especially in the Marines, who’ve helped me embrace my uniqueness while pushing back any urges to conform. Let me tell you, too, that those urges were strong. And, to tell you the truth, they still are today.

Through all of life’s experiences, I’ve grown to feel more confident in my own, personal power – soft power.

I love that phrase. It’s actually a military term used to describe the use of force that is more subtle, and less direct. That’s me. I’m subtle with my use of power. Less direct, but it’s there. It’s soft. But, man, it’s powerful!

Let me expand my interpretation of soft power so you get what I mean: 

  • I don’t believe that I need to use assault and battery tactics to get my point across
  • I’m kind, caring, 5’3” and my voice tilts to the lighter, feminine side – none of which limits my command presence
  • If you choose to cross me or underestimate me, I promise you: that’ll be your mistake … and it’ll surprise you, but not me, because I’m no one’s fool

Regarding that last point, a reminder: I’m a Marine. That’s how I think. You might not be a Marine, but maybe you’re a Mama Bear … or only patient to a point. And you’ve got lines that others shouldn’t dare cross. And that’s okay because they shouldn’t.

I’m getting ready to do something I’ve never done before: offer a 100% completely FREE learning series titled “Soft Power.” I want to help women who, like me, want to grow in their confidence and feel successful in all of their roles. I want women to own their lives and their unique leadership styles, without feeling as if they have to apologize if they don’t fit in

Think about it this way: you’ve got time to invest. You can either invest in becoming more of your own person … or try to be the person others think you should be. That seems like a no-brainer, right?

If this sounds like something you’re really interested in, click here to learn about the series and enroll. I’ll do a formal launch later this week. I just have a hunch that if you’re still reading this, then you’re already sold on this soft power notion and want to hold your space for what I promise will be an amazing, empowering journey.

Thanks for being on this adventure with me!!

All my best,

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