New Year’s Resolution – or Revolution?


I woke up this morning with a hopeful heart.

2024 is going to be a miraculous year.  Not just because of the magic in the number 24 – it’s going to be great because I’m going to make it so.

Many often launch into the New Year with a resolution-focused mindset, which is making a decision not to do something, such as I’m not going to drink, I’m not going to eat junk food.  In my mind, resolutions aren’t effective goal setting tools.  When we try to stop something, all we can think about is what we’re depriving ourselves of, which depletes our will power and grittiness to our goals.  

I like the idea of starting something.  I’m more of a revolutionary girl.  This means I like to focus on creating new things in my life and directing my energy toward the opportunity vs the limitation.

This makes sense, right?  

And, when I set goals, I don’t go for a major life overhaul.  That’s too much change!!  Besides, rarely is that necessary.  When it comes to goals, I take a kaleidoscope approach.  A few goals in a variety of different areas of my life.  One personal, meaningful goal to me is to spend more time with my people … my crew … my girls.  Now that I’ve got older kids, I have more capacity to commit to nights out with my friends.  These relationships sustain me.  

So, what’s going to be new for you?  

Now, you know I’ve long said and believed that you’re perfect.  Yet, I also know that “perfect” people always seek improvement, and there’s likely a nagging area in your life that could benefit from a little shakeup.  Will this be the year you …

Speaking of which, in the coming days you’re going to hear more about what my team and I have been cooking up to helping you find your passion and purpose … !!  You won’t want to miss it.

Whatever revolution you’re seeking, here’s the deal: start small.  Baby step your way.  Small changes, over time, create revolutions.  If you’ve read or heard of “Atomic Habits,” you know the idea!

And, of course, know I’m here for you … rooting you on … and constantly seeking to give you ideas and insights that make your revolutions less stressful, more successful.

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