What Are You Rallying Towards?

Woman jumping with her hands in the air at the top of a mountain

What are we rallying towards?

My friend asked me this recently when I shared with her my blog title, “Rally Cry.”

I gave her an answer. But had she asked me this week, she would’ve gotten a better answer.  

You see, I just read this poem, which raised a very powerful question that made me think a bit deeper on what we should be rallying towards. Here’s the question:

When will you learn the language of the living?

I’ve been asking myself all week: What is the language of the living? You see, I’m well versed in other languages, like the common language we all hear frequently…the language of uncertainty, overwhelm, and fear. We hear this language in phrases like:

  • I don’t know how this is going to turn out… 
  • I’m never going to get to… 
  • I’m worried about… 

The words we often choose in our language, rich in incredible words, often focus on doubt, scarcity, and insecurity. And what of these words? We use them most when we’re talking with ourselves. That’s right. So many of us feed ourselves words that are the equivalent of a potato chips and soda diet.

These words are killing us.

Imagine for 100 days straight you tell yourself that you can’t…

  • Write that book
  • Run a 5k
  • Have a breakthrough with your boss
  • Make President’s Club on your sales team
  • Focus on the most important things in your life

Those words turn into self-fulfilling prophecies. It’s called the Galatea Effect.

But, re-imagine the next 100 days that you use the language of the living, which I like to imagine is choosing the words that embrace how special and brilliant this world really is, and how unlimited and powerful you truly are. Here’s what I imagine that language looks like:

  • There’s a book inside of me I will write.
  • I can run hundreds of miles if I so choose.
  • I will get that breakthrough I deserve.
  • If someone’s gotta win, why can’t that someone be me?
  • I will make the time to prioritize the most important things in my life.  

When you change the words you tell yourself, you change your life…and, ultimately, you find yourself using the vocabulary of those who speak the language of the living.

And I believe that’s what we’re rallying towards. Our Rally Cry is to unify our voices so we send a resounding message to this world that there’s more inside of us than we’ve allowed ourselves to believe and we’re ready to step into our true potential and embrace each day ahead.

This week, pay attention to how you use your language and choose your words that celebrate all that is great about you. I know that’s going to be my focus, too, in the weeks, months, and years ahead.

All my best,

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