Three Secrets to Peak Performance

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I once heard Malcolm Gladwell express that if you’re an expert on 98% of the topic, that remaining 2% should make you insanely curious about what you don’t know.

In that spirit, I attended a HEROIC training course a few weeks ago.  

Now, I’ve been a keynote speaker for decades. I’m blessed to have a manager and representation by the BEST speaker bureaus in the world. I’d fancy myself as a solid speaker who’s shared the stage with amazing humans…and, yet, that missing 2% has been driving me wild. WHAT DON’T I KNOW??!!

Well, come to find out, a lot. The entire HEROIC experience was invigorating!! What’s more, I was surrounded by a surgeon, an indy movie producer, an NFL cheerleader, other business influencers, and an SVP for a global beauty brand. Being surrounded by other peak performers from different disciplines helped me reimagine my work – there’s something powerful about gaining diverse perspectives! I promise you: you’re going to see the HEROIC impact in my upcoming podcast, Soft Power Series, and – hey – especially the keynote stage!!

This leads me to ask you: what’s your 98%? And, where do you need to go to find your missing 2%? Also, who are the people you need to surround yourself with who will shape your perspective?

I love the Navy Seal motto No Easy Day. And, in the spirit of self improvement, if we want to challenge ourselves, it doesn’t have to always be in a new pursuit. Sometimes it’s developing our excellence in an area where we feel confident in our expertise.  

What I’m discovering is that there are 3 Secrets Peak Performers Know that We All Need to Know. Here’s what they are:

  • Don’t Rest on Your Success in Your Areas of Expertise. There’s always something new you can learn…always. Don’t stop at being an expert, continue to hone your skills, sharpen your mind, and always be curious about what you don’t know. And, sometimes it’s worth going back to the fundamentals to learn more about why something works…and something doesn’t.
  • Adopt a Beginner’s Mind. When we’re developing ourselves in a specific skillset, there’s something special about obtaining Shoshin – a beginner’s mind. Try to imagine that you know nothing about your area of expertise – pretend like you’re starting fresh with your learning, Day #1. Where do you start? What are you curious about? What should you learn to be successful? Beginners see things that pros don’t.
  • Get the Right Coach. Tom Brady has a coach. Serena Williams has a coach. Any singer you’ve ever seen on a concert stage has a coach. Why don’t you have a coach in your area of expertise? At the very least, have a mentor. We need an outside perspective to give us a full view of our performance and opportunities for growth. Those with a fixed mindset shun coaching. Growth-oriented individuals? They have coaches!

Here’s to that next-level you’re seeking.

Be Courageous, 

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