Reinvent Your Life

Woman doing crunches on a mat at the gym

Do you feel stuck?

  • Living in a small town with limited opportunities.
  • Invested in a career that’s no longer fulfilling.
  • In a partnership that’s no longer working.

In these situations, it’s easy to blame externalities:

  • The crappy economy.
  • Work is sooOOOOooo boring.
  • My relationships are holding me back. 

Do you know what’s hard? Sitting quiet with your thoughts and admitting you’re the one who created the situation…and you’re the only one who can lead yourself out of it.

Absolute accountability is painful. It’s the only way to a better place. Accountability is different than responsibilityit requires action.

I recently facilitated an offsite where we spent time talking about the barriers, limitations, and obstacles towards achieving business goals. I then challenged the team to list 30 things they could do despite their challenges. They created a list of 50+ actions they could take immediately.

We’ve got greater control over our lives and our success than we imagine. The question is: where do you spend your time? On the problem? Or, on the solution?

I dare you: write a list of 30 things you can do to address whatever challenge you’re facing right now. Don’t ruminate on all that is wrong. Focus on how you can make it right.  Blaming perpetuates problems…creativity and accountability solve them. 

Whatever gets your attention will be followed by an intention. Choose wisely: remember, this is your life.  

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PS: What do you do after accountability? You change. I’m going on a journey. Follow me on Instagram! For the next 90 days, I’m eliminating caffeine and alcohol from my life and will be documenting this great experiment on Instagram. I’m slightly scared – but I’m hopeful to discover who I am without these important bookends in my life: one cup in the morning, one glass at night.