How to Be a President

Angie Witkowski speaking at an event on stage

I spent a few moments reflecting on what it’d be like to be the President of the United States and being, arguably, the most powerful person in the world. It wasn’t intoxicating, I promise you. I was in awe of the responsibility.

I thought about…

–   The intelligent people I’d want surrounding me to shore up my knowledge gaps

–   The promises I’d made to get me there, and the promises I needed to deliver

–   The absolute accountability of my decisions

–   The resilience I’d need if someone were to dig up my middle school pictures and publish them in a prominent magazine

–   How I would intend to maintain the country’s status as the global superpower

–   How I would solve the problems I inherited, and ensure that I leave the role better off than where I started

Of course, I also thought about the luxuries of a private helicopter, jet, and chef…what great perks!! I bet the job comes with a hair and makeup artist, too. 

I then turned my reflection to my life – each day, I’m in awe of my responsibilities, and the expectations I have for myself today aren’t that different than what I’d have as President Angie*. I mean, sure, I’m not dealing with unpredictable, unstable negotiating partners…but I do have two teenage boys. Close, right? Horseshoes and hand grenades…

On this President’s Day, I encourage you to think of yourself as President of your world – even if that world is you, an apartment, a cat, and your career. You do, after all, run your world. 

–   Are you fulfilling the expectations you have for yourself?

–   Are you a role model for others to follow?

–   Do you use your power wisely?

–   Are you making decisions that lead you toward a better future?

–   Do you take your responsibilities seriously?

–   Can you be trusted to keep yourself, and others, safe?

Here’s to all Presidents – at any stage and age in their life. May we all be the best leaders we know we can be, and build upon the incredible legacy of leadership our country has provided.

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*President Angie. I kind of like that.