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turn jealous jealousy into admiration

Transform Workplace Jealousy into Admiration

I’m not too proud to admit that I’ve been jealous before.  The earliest memory I have is when I went…

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weeds growing through crack in cement

How to Engage in Healthy Conflict

My husband and I approach conflict from different starting points. He’s completely comfortable engaging in a disagreement, and does so…

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Your Role in Creating a Collective Win

In our binary win/lose world, how can you create a win-win? My oldest son, Judge, and I were talking the…

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Angie Witkowski with husband and friend

Relationships and Selling Skills. On Steroids.

“Necklaces” “T-Shirts for Big Bellies!” “Cocaine!” My family and I heard these callouts recently when we strolled through an open-air…

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Why Doesn’t Pam Beesly Matter?

My kids and I’ve been binge watching The Office. The other day I had to stop an episode, look at…

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I Hate This … And I’m Doing it Anyway

“Angie, how was your practice today?” my instructor asked as I left my hot yoga class recently. “I hated it…

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plants growing on top of abandoned piano

Un-waste Your Potential: Resolve a More Musical Life

I sat down to play the piano my parents gifted me during one of their decluttering sprees. When I struck…

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colorful brick wall

Everyone’s Wall is Different

Shortly after the pandemic, I delivered a webinar to clients and shared best practices on how to lead through uncertainty….

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Angie Witkowski with son

Can You Love and Hate Something at the Same Time? Yes. Here’s How.

Can You Love and Hate Something at the Same Time? (Yes, you can … and it’s okay.)  “Mom, can we…

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Be that Someone for Someone Else

In May 1997, I should have been on a high: I’d just graduated college and earned my commission in the…

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Work-Life Balance? Impossible. Strive for Harmony Instead.

If you were to take the phrase work-life balance literally, that would mean everything is even:  You’d get eight hours…

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